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Game Plan

How Real Estate Professionals Can Thrive in an Uncertain Future

By Steve Murray

The residential real estate market has changed dramatically, for consumers as well as real estate professionals. But what’s really happening? What’s driving that change? And what role will real estate professionals have in the future?

Game Plan answers those questions with a look at the forces shaping the industry and their impact on who will be the winners—and losers—in the future. Game Plan provides a specific, how-to guide for both brokerage companies and real estate professionals to capitalize on these fundamental changes and create thriving real estate businesses in the years ahead. Published in 2011.

Game Changers

The Unfounded Fears and Future Prosperity of the Residential Real Estate Industry

Written by Lorne Wallace, Lon Welsh and Steve Murray

Never before has the residential real estate industry been more under threat. Technology isn’t the only culprit; other factors include changing demographics, increased government regulation, and growing pressures on brokerage profitability. Game Changers examines and dissects the major challenges, discusses their implications—and proposes solutions. From the changing needs of the Millennials, to the segmentation of the agent force, to the impact of technology, Game Changers offers the seasoned perspective of dozens of industry leaders and successful producers nationwide. Published in 2014.

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People Still Matter

Our research has shown that demographic factors don’t make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful company. What does? People. Leaders who hold fast to a vision for their firm and share openly with others lead the most successful realty companies.

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