Knowledge Leaders

Only REAL Trends does its own original fact-based research and has authored seven major consumer studies and literally dozens of industry studies.

The REAL Trends Difference

REAL Trends consulting has completed more than 3,200 valuations, brokered the sale of over 760 residential real estate firms and performed some 470 company assessments in our 32 years. In addition, hundreds of firms have used our benchmarking data to measure the performance of their firms. Each assignment starts and ends with understanding the uniqueness of each client.

We focus more on the personal needs of our clients than on the financial performance, as it is the personal goals that matter the most to our clients. While we have expertise in financial analysis, it is the desire to know and understand our clients’ personal needs that sets us apart. In all matters, confidentiality is among the most important attribute of our relationship with our clients.

Leading brokerage companies have depended on REAL Trends for expert testimony in valuations or industry practices.

Leading brokerage firms trust REAL Trends with their confidential business records every year.

Leading firms have entrusted the sale or purchase of their most important asset, their brokerage company, to REAL Trends.

Brokerage firms and virtually every national real estate network trusts REAL Trends to create the most accurate rankings of America’s top firms in the annual REAL Trends 500 report.

Residential real estate firms have trusted REAL Trends to perform valuations and assessments of their firms.

Of the nation’s most productive real estate agents and teams trust REAL Trends to rank them correctly each year in the America’s Best Real Estate Agent and The Thousand ranking reports.