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REAL Trends is trusted with the financial data of hundreds of brokerages each year. Others have opinions on the market, we have verified data from the best in the business. As a REAL Trends Association Network Member, you can take advantage of the following services:

  • Fresh and exclusive content in the form of a monthly newsletter branded with your logo.
  • Shareable, original REAL Trends content for your website, blog and social media channels with attribution from the REAL Trends daily blog and our monthly newsletter.
  • An invitation to the industry’s most informative event for real estate leaders, influencers and visionaries—the Gathering of Eagles.
  • Tap into expert insights from REAL Trends President Steve Murray via podcasts, webinar and personal calls.
  • Early access to and special discounts on REAL Trends unbiased, fact-based research.

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Podcasts! Would it be easier for you to share a podcast with your members than a webinar? We think so. Click here for an excerpt of an exclusive podcast.

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Why REAL Trends?


of NAR membership represented in the Broker rankings totaling sales in 2016 of $1,324,999,465,380 and 4,256,226 sides.


of the most productive agents.


top firms, each year share records with REAL Trends.


firms trusted REAL Trends to perform valuations and assessments.

REALTOR Associations representing 53.6% of NAR are Network members.

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